Bag in Box Bag in Box in different weights:
2,5 - 3 – 5 - 10 y 20 kg.
Drums Metal drums with aseptic packaging with a capacity of 215-245 kg.
Goodpack Aseptic containers with 1.350-1.500 kg. of capacity.
Tanker We can fill tanks up to 25,000 liters of capacity.


Tomate Paste Hot break 28/30 ºBrix Semi Hot break 28/30 ºBrix Hot break 30/32 ºBrix Cold break 28/30 ºBrix Cold break 36/38 ºBrix

Pizza Sauces Different concentrations (6/8 ºBrix, 8/10 ºBrix, 10/12 ºBrix, 12/14 ºBrix,
14/16 ºBrix, etc.)
Tomato juice In PRONAT we elaborate a supreme quality juice, with a carefuly product selection.
Diced tomatoes As low as high tech, we prepare a single product. It is very suitable for hotel industry.
Organic Tomato paste, pizza sauces, passatas, juice, spicy sauces and diced tomato.
Baby Food Tomato paste, pizza sauces, passatas, juice, spiced sauces and diced tomato.
Spiced sauces Our production capacity allows us to offer our customers a great range of sauces.

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